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Medos AG’s employees are the beating heart of their company. Especially in the complex and dynamic medical technology industry highly qualified specialists are absolutely essential. Because, after all, Medos products are used for saving and preserving human life. Every day 120 colleagues at two sites work towards this end.

Management Board
Josef Bogenschuetz and Dr. Juergen Boehm completed the Management Board team in August 2011. The focus of their work is on achieving even closer contact with the customers in order to incorporate their wishes and ideas both in improved products and in new, innovative therapy solutions.

"Close personal contact with our customers is immensely important for us in order to take their wishes on board and to advance gradually improved and new solutions for innovative therapies.”
Dr. med. Juergen O. Boehm, Management Board member

"Medos is set to make large investments to extend its product portfolio and will continue to concentrate on top quality – Made in Germany. Our aim is to strengthen our position as a full service supplier for cardiac surgery.”

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Medos oxygenators


Oxygenators for cardiopulmonary bypass, oxygenators with PMP-fiber for the extended use, venous and cardiotomy hard shell reservoirs belong to the hilite® family.This huge product range offers a free choice of product combinations for all individual applications. hilite® oxygenators are available as single modules or as oxygenation system with adapted hard shell reservoir.

As for all medos® products also applies to hilite® products: Made in Germany!

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hilite® oxygenators

oxygenator hilite medos

hilite® oxygenators are already long time convincing by delivering a constant performance and safety, which are obtained by a unique flow design of blood, water and gas. The integrated heat-exchanger offers an effective cooling and warming of the patient’s blood. Up to flow rates of 7 l/min, the hilite® 7000 oxygenator is the right choice for adults. For infants and pediatrics the hilite® 2800 and hilite® 1000 afford optimized oxygenation performance at flow rates up to 2.8 l/min or up to 1.0 l/min. hilite® oxygenators are available with or without our rheoparin® coating.

Technical Data Sheet hilite® Oxygenators


hilite® LT oxygenators

oxygenator hilite medos

hilite® LT oxygenators are manufactured with a leakage tight diffusion membrane for an extended use: hilite® 7000 LT for adults, hilite® 2400 LT for pediatrics and hilite® 800 LT for infants.

Compared to microporous fibers this diffusion membrane helps preventing the development of plasma leakage during a prolonged application. Additional safety is ensured by fully transparent housing parts. Thus the flow around the hollow fibers can be exactly observed. hilite® LT oxygenators are available with or without rheoparin® coating.

Technical Data Sheet hilite® LT oxygenator


medos® tubing sets

medos® customized tubing sets have been individually designed, so that all customer requirements, depending on application and need can be realized. Furthermore your tubing set can be refined by rheoparin® coating. We manufacture straight in accordance to your specifications.

As for all medos® products also applies to medos® tubing sets: Made in Germany!

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