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LivaNova is a global medical technology company built on nearly five decades of experience and a relentless commitment to improve the lives of patients around the world. Our advanced technologies and breakthrough treatments provide meaningful solutions for the benefit of patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare systems. LivaNova operates as three business franchises: Cardiac Rhythm Management, Neuromodulation and Cardiac Surgery.


LivaNova-Implantable Pacemakers

Kora 250

Kora 250_LivaNova_Implantable Pacemaker

Full Body MRI Conditional Pacing System

A physiologic pacemaker family designed to improve patient outcome while driving efficiency in practice. Powered by intelligent algorithms such as AutoMRI Mode, SafeR and Sleep Apnea Monitoring (SAM), Kora 250 is the smallest MRI conditional pacemaker in the world.

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Kora 100

Kora 100 MRI conditional pacing system with Beflex leads.

The only MRI mode that automatically detects an MRI magnetic field, provides safe MRI scanning, then follows with an automatic return to normal operation when the patient leaves the MRI environment. Safe and simple MRI for patients, cardiologists, and radiologists – another innovative solution in a pacing system known for small size, longevity and high performance.

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Kora 100_LivaNova_Implantable Pacemaker


Reply 200_LivaNova_Implantable Pacemaker

Reply 200 with Sleep Apnea Monitoring

Reply 200 pacemakers automatically screen patients at risk of severe sleep apnea. They also feature a suite of algorithms designed to prevent serious cardiovascular co-morbidities such as atrial fibrillation and heart failure. Reply 200 are the world's smallest pacemakers, with best-in-class longevity.

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Pacemakers with natural intelligence.

Reply DR includes SafeR designed to manage sinus node dysfunction (SND) as well as all types of atrio ventricular blocks (type I, II and III) and eliminate unnecessary ventricular pacing (Vp) at rest and exercise by combining the benefits of AAI and DDD pacing.

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Reply Family_LivaNova_Implantable Pacemaker


Esprit family_LivaNova_Implantable Pacemaker

A pacemaker family with a host of algorithms that makes life easier.

The ESPRIT family of pacemakers features a host of dedicated algorithms designed for patient safety as well as Dplus pacing mode which significantly reduces ventricular pacing

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Heart Failure CRT-Ps


The World's Smallest CRT Pacemaker

Reply CRT-P is built on the heritage of Sorin Pacemaker technology - proven in practice. At 11.3 cc in volume, it is the smallest cardiac resynchronization pacemaker in the world. Equipped with a suite of intelligent features designed to pro-actively manage comorbidities and improve patient outcome.

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