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Terumo Europe is a core player in the EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa) healthcare market by providing best in class quality products and services.


Terumo-Perfusion Products

Besides Oxygenators, Terumo offer wide portfolio of other products dedicated for extracorporeal circulation and perfusion.

hadicový set terumo

Tubing sets

Customized and standard kits designed to meet hospital requirements.

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rezervoir terumo

CAPIOX® Cardiotomy Reservoirs

Cardiotomy reservoirs for high-efficiency filtration, defoaming, and removal of foreign particles.

  • Xcoating™ surface coating
  • Removes 90% or more of particles with ≥20 micron diameter
  • Polyester depth filter
  • Large storage capacity

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rezervoir terumo

CAPIOX® Flexible Venous Reservoirs


  • Xcoating™ surface coating
  • Integrated screen for air removal
  • Minimizes blood damage with simple design
  • Available in three sizes
  • Non-DEHP material


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kardioplegický set terumo

Cardioplegia sets

A high-performance cardioplegia delivery system with the efficiency required for complex cardioplegia protocols.


  • CAPIOX® heat exchanger
  • Efficient heat exchange
  • Integrated bubble trap
  • Low prime volume
  • 96 micron filter

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hlavy do centrifugálnej pumpy terumo

Pumphead - Centrifugal pump

  • Efficient straight-path design
  • Easily adapted for use with existing console
  • Can be used on Bio-Console® 540/550 models
  • Reusable adapter provided
  • 45 mL prime volume

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On top of the above mentioned products, we distribute also other products from Terumo, such as Vent Valves, Artherial and Venous Catheters, Artherial / Leukocyte / Cardioplegia filters, pre-bypass filters, Hemoconcentrators etc.

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