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Biosense Webster, a division of Johnson & Johnson Medical NV/SA, is recognized worldwide as a leader in the science behind the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.


BW-Carto 3-Mapping System

CARTO 3 Mapping system

The 3-D mapping system with the integration, scalability and insights to help electrophysiologists make optimal treatment decisions. High-quality data points offer physicians electrical and anatomical detail in simple and complex cases. Advanced 3-D mapping modules integrate multiple data sets and images into one resource for highly detailed, real-time information. Includes image integration tools, as well as AF- and VT- specific software.

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CARTO Software:

carto3 cfae


  • Consistent and reproducible automatic CFAE detection and diagnosis tool
  • Rapid analysis based on 2.5 second recording for high consistency over timeReferences1. 1 Data on file
carto smarttouch

CARTO SmartTouch

Add a new dimension of certainty with the knowledge that comes from seeing RF ablation parameters displayed in real time on a single screen. The CARTO SMARTTOUCH Module allows active measurement of stable contact force and catheter tip direction. Seamless integration with the CARTO® 3 System incorporates CARTO VISITAG Module technology to display key ablation variables related to lesion formation.
carto paso


The PASO Module delivers automated template matching for targeting complex ventricular tachycardia procedures. It automatically compares pace mapping signals with arrhythmia signals to better inform your VT ablation strategy.



Deliver an extra measure of certainty and safety in complex procedures, including the treatment of atrial fibrillation and ventricular tachycardia. The CARTOSOUND® Module with SOUNDSTAR® Catheter is the ideal addition to your ablation workflow. This 3D ultrasound technology gives you all the benefits of traditional intracardiac echo while enabling full integration of the CARTO® 3 System.



CARTOUNIVU Module seamlessly combines a fluoro image and CARTO® 3 System maps into a single view.It helps reduce fluoroscopy levels - consistent with the ALARA principle of reducing exposure for physicians, staff and patients to as low as reasonably achievable. Now you can navigate confidently from an integrated view, with just one X-ray image or cine sequence needed for continuous anatomical orientation.

carto confidence


The CONFIDENSE Mapping Module offers CARTO® 3 System users a complete and streamlined high-density mapping solution. By refining the MEM experience, the CONFIDENSE Module introduces a new degree of control over point acquisition and insight into your mapping procedures. This high-performance mapping is fully integrated into the CARTO® System.

carto replay


The CARTOREPLAY Module provides the missing link between ECG signals and catheter locations. With the CARTOREPLAY Module, it is now possible to review signals captured at any point in a case, and to add that data to the desired location in your map.

carto visitag


The CARTO VISITAG Module provides greater visibility into your RF ablation strategy. It displays RF parameters of lesion formation that can be used prospectively or retrospectively. And it allows you to objectively index ablation parameters to help facilitate consistency and continuity.



Creates real-time 3D electroanatomical cardiac maps using catheter navigation technology combined with the anatomical detail of CT or MRI images. See precise, detailed structures of the chambers of the heart.


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